Year 1
Organicare 50
Organicare 50 Program
Year 2
Organicare 75
Organicare 75 Program
Year 3
Organicare 100
Organicare 100 Program

A Healthy, Beautiful Lawn Needs Healthy Soil

When it comes to lawns there is one fundamental truth; the foundation of your lawn is the soil itís growing on. Soil that is literally alive with all manner of microscopic biological life is the best of all. Repeated applications of pesticides and high nitrogen/high salt fertilizers will create a biologically inactive soil. Lawns growing in this kind of soil will have shallow roots, thick thatch, poor drought tolerance, and they may suffer from recurring disease and insect attacks because they have no natural defense mechanism against these kinds of problems. Organicare focuses on making the most of the soil's natural functions. We nurture the soil with organic matter. Lots of organic matter, up to 6 applications per year, that will help develop a biologically active soil.

Additional Lawn Care Services

  • Beneficial nematodes help reduce Grub and fire ant populations.
  • Disease Control with horticultural cornmeal, potassium bicarbonate or with biological fungicide like Bacillus licheniformis.
  • Pest control with beneficial insects such as trichogamma wasps and lady beetles or with biological insecticides like Bacillus Thuringiensis(Bt).
  • Fall over seeding and Fescue reseeding.
  • Tree and shrub fertilization with foliar sprays & soil drenches, granular surface fertilization, or deep root feeding.
  • Tree and shrub pest control with beneficial insects, biological controls, or horticultural oil sprays
  • Compost top dressing.
  • Aeration.

Maintenance Services

We also offer a weekly lawn mowing service combined with a monthly shrub trimming service. This is our Weekly Plus service program and is only available to customers on our fertilization program.